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Looking for unique portrait and wedding photography in Baltimore?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re hoping to capture an engagement, new merchandise for your store, a magical senior prom, or just want professional portraits for the heck of it, I’ve got you covered.

But first, a lil FAQ:

Who are you?

I’m Aleyna Rentz, a South Georgia native who’s been living in Baltimore for the past four years. Though my degree is in creative writing and I teach writing at the university level, I’ve always loved photography — in fact, I got my first 35mm camera when I was nine years old. I’ve since graduated from light leaks and lens smudges to DSLR photography. Professionally, I’ve shot photos for the Georgia Southern University Honors College, capturing celebrations, symposiums, and a study abroad trip to Ireland. I’ve also taken photos for the Bainbridge Little Theatre in my hometown. I gravitate most toward portrait and travel photography; the latter can be found all over the internet (check out my portfolio to see where). While most of my portrait photography has been for fun, I’m venturing into freelance photography for the first time, which brings me to the next question…

What kind of photos do you shoot?

I love experimenting with light, shadows, and reflective surfaces. I’m happy to shoot anywhere, but I have a soft spot for floral settings. Check out my portfolio to get a good idea of what my style is, but also keep in mind that I’m happy to tailor my shots and editing to your preferences!

What kind of sessions do you offer?

Here’s a list of the kinds of shoots I can provide. If what you’re looking for isn’t on the list, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask me about it! Odds are, I can make it happen.

  • Individual portraits
  • Group sessions
  • Couples
  • Commercial (merchandise, food, etc)
  • Events under 50 people

These can be tailored to any occasion: graduation, prom, engagements, birthdays, Christmas cards, cosplays…anything!

Where do you shoot?

I live in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore and am available to shoot in the city and the DMV area as a whole. If you’re over an hour away and still want to book a shoot, we’ll figure out a location that’s convenient for both of us.

I don’t have a studio, so it’s up to you to choose a location: your college campus, a state park, your own backyard, Taco Bell…literally anywhere! That being said, if you don’t have any location in mind, I have plenty of ideas that we can discuss during our phone consultation.

Can you explain the phone consultation?

Absolutely! After you email me to inquire about scheduling a session, we’ll have a phone consultation first. This is free and does not require you to commit to anything. During this conversation, we’ll discuss your vision for the shoot, your preferred location, scheduling, and any other questions you have.

What are your rates?

Click here to see my prices, and check my Facebook page for a discount!

Are you fully vaccinated?


Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?

Absolutely! I’m happy to photograph people regardless of their race or sexual orientation 🙂

Where can I view your portfolio?

Right here! Or just click on “Portfolio” under “Photography” on the top menu.

Ready to book your session? Have questions? Email me at